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Twitter Verified ~ David/Christian

I dont think thats him. @ChristianKane01 Hi! Finally we get it, now your friend @David_Boreanaz in on twitter! :)

Twitter Verified

by Snow
100 words

David was holding his wrists so tight that Christian was sure he'd leave marks. Over his head, pressed down to the sheets.

Christian could break the moment. He could roll David. Arch his back, shift his shoulders. He'd be on top in less than a second …

But David's teeth grazed his collarbone, warm breath on Christian's neck and then there was that sweet, ohsofuckingfamiliar beautiful pain. The head of David's cock at the tight opening of Christian's ass. Pushing in and in and Christian shuddered. Clenched. Spread wider. Wrapped his legs around David's.

“Still think it's not me?”

Alright its him. U guys show him some love... RT @David_Boreanaz: @ChristianKane01 I'm on Brother! Back! Miss ya
Tags: david/chris, db/ck, drabble, drabbles, rps
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