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Commercial Stuff

Has anyone seen that commercial for some kind of menstrual pad? Like Kotex or something?


It shows two women, squatting down.

The voice over is saying something like, "you know that time of month when you sit too long, then stand up. . .and it leads to leaks and odor?"

Ummmm. Odor?

So the whole thing is telling us (women) that when we are menstruating that 1. we can't sit down for too long, then stand up. 2. we stink.

So. WTF?

I just wish they would change it all back to the way it was, about a billion years ago. When women had to 'go away' for the duration of their period. That would be so nice. 4 to 7 days every month, all by myself. No responsibilities. No people. Nothing but my computer and smut and, wait. . .what is that smell?

Sheesh. I bet the whole thing was written by a man. Or a really, really insecure woman.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

And less than 1 hour to Angel. . .

Swab my Deck Dude!!!
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