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Last day, last evening.

So it's the last evening of the last day of my birthday!vacation and while I'm looking forward to going back to work (and returning to a normal sleep cycle pleasepleaseplease)- I'd also like a couple more days since I just started rewatching QaF.


I should have done this first, instead of indulging my Behr!fetish with a rewatch of all three, incredibly long and so very badly written seasons of Roswell. Sheesh. The things we do for our obsessions.

Anyhow ~ I watch all three seasons of Roswell and write not one word.

I watch the pilot episode of QaF and start a fic. The first I've started in ... too long.

It might be crack!fic. It might not. That will be up to you to decide, I suppose. I'm putting Brian, Angel and Soul!less Sam together. And I'm making it work.

So there.

I've still got some issues going on, I'd really like January to be over now. If it were February and I had my tax $'s, as little as they are, perhaps I could overcome stuff. But it'll be too late and I know, I'm being way too cryptic and mysterious and depressing! Sorry!

I've never been good at asking for help and I'll never, obviously, be good at controlling my life. Like I've told a friend recently - I really, really need a keeper. Anyone want to apply? I make a good income, I work hard, I'm all over having too many pets and I love cooking dinner ...


In (muchmuch) better news ~ if you haven't read tabaqui's newest fic ... WTF is wrong with you?

It's fun and gorgeous and so insanely hot!

Get on Your Knees and Fight Like a Man

Seeley Booth/Dean Winchester
Yeah, that's right. Booth and Dean, Bones and Supernatural. Together with gun!porn and a nice case of church!kink and omfg. You will not be sorry you clicked that link.

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