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gah! neighbors! *stabs*

okay, so i'm not in a duplex anymore. but i do have neighbors, unfortunately.

and the Clampett's ... well, they're special. they have a fenced backyard with dog kennels. One large and two small. The smaller ones have bunnies in them and the large one encloses two dogs. 24 hours a day, in this bitter cold. Small dogs. Think Pekingese mix!type dogs. Totally cute, yappy, furry, adorable and very sad and lonely dogs.

One of them, over the past two days, has escaped from the kennel and comes through the picket (wood) type fence that encloses my yard. He's darling. Running about with Gabriel when I let him out and when he's not in my backyard, he's running about the entire neighborhood. Which is, thankfully, on a very quiet street. Although we're just a block away from a *very* busy street.

And for the second day in a row ... the Clampetts are not home for me to let them know that their dog is loose.

Now, my dilemma is ~ should I call Animal Control? Should I do what I did last night and leave the dog to run? I can't bring it inside, what with all my cats. I don't know if it will behave around cats and I don't have an extra room to put it in and/or know whether it is house trained.


wtf, people. Take care of your animals! Or, gee whiz, DON'T HAVE THEM.

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