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Things wot i have thought about after time spent lurking ...

As i was cruising the friends of friends lists (which i have to do when you people don't post enough!) I found someone using a Jason Behr icon that looked *so* much like one that the late and very deeply missed _tayler made.

So i scampered to this person's lj, because the Behr!love is so nice to share.

And as this person did not have Behr listed as one of their interests ... i went to look at the specific icon. And found that it was labeled as someone else entirely! wtf, dude. wtf.


I've been following Christian's radio tour, hoping that someday he'll come to KC or at least somewhere near this hell hole kansas. He's doing so well! Making all kinds of new fans, i'm sure.

I was rather miffed that he had to change the words for his video (get high to get by). That seemed so very ... silly.

Although it did spark a fic idea.

John Denver/Christian Kane. After all ... no one told JD to change his lyrics. Rocky Mountain High anyone? I'm pretty sure he wasn't singing exclusively about the elevation ...


Don't judge me! I've been to the John Denver Sanctuary in Aspen! I luff him! (and omfg, it was gorgeous.) Wanna see pictures?

*la la*

Rocky mountain hiiiiiiiiiiggh Colorado ... Rocky mountain hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Colorado ...


ETA ~~ all parenthesis abuse is allowed by the voices in my head. ;)
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