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happy 21st birthday and oh yeah ...

you don't exist.


yeah, i'm still seething.

I took my middle child Lisa, to the DMV on Tuesday. August 3rd. Her 21st Birthday. I took her there to get her new Kansas ID. (so i could take her out to dinner at a casino in kansas city and buy her first martini)

We walked in and Lisa freaked out. We had no proof of address with us. She had her birth certificate, her social security card, her state issued ID (that expired that very day) ... but nothing else.

So we zoomed back home and grabbed the two envelopes that her grandmothers had sent her bday cards inside of. Went back and stood in line again.

Only to find that *that* was not enough.

Okay ...

No. Not only no, but Hell no.

The fat-ass woman behind the counter (and i can say that because i have my own fat ass and one recognizes another) tells us that is not enough.

Does she stop there?

Oh, fuck no.

She looks straight at Lisa, at my daughter and says

'You're 21 now. You need to get a life. You can't just sit on the couch all day.'



I was standing between them, off to the side and I went from mildly annoyed to full out nuclear in 0.3 seconds.

I told her that what Lisa did or DID NOT do was between me and Lisa and NONE of her business.

I wanted, I really, really wanted to say FUCKING BUSINESS, but I didn't.

The other woman offered me a list of options.

Bank acct. No
Bills. No
Taxes. No
Pay check stub. No
Utilities. No

Fuck. Me.

So finally she offers up the advice that Lisa send in a change of address to the post office. And they'll send her a post card/envelope with her name and address on it. And we can use that to prove that she exists. It'll take a couple weeks, but ... better than nothing.

I have no problem with my daughter not wanting to drive. I have no problem with her not having a full time/part time job. I have no problem with her putting off any higher education.

She takes care of our multiple animals. She keeps the house clean while I work. She babysits for extra cash and never asks me for ANYTHING. She isn't ready to head out into the world. And That. Is. OKAY. It'll happen soon enough. She's beautiful and smart and creative and incredibly funny. She's an undiscovered treasure and I know, I know that someday she'll find herself.

It pisses me off that I can't cover her with my insurance from work. But if I shacked up with some random guy/girl I could cover them. I'm almost to the point that I want to call Kroger Health insurance and ask them how I can make my adult child my domestic partner.


I'd call someone to complain about the hateful bitch at the DMV but I'm not sure *who* oversees them.

Guess it's time to find out.

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