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On the night of the death of cracktrailer ...

we have fic.

Your Breath in my Hands by tabaqui

It's David/Jason, with cameos of Christian and more.

And it's heartbreakingly perfect. Painful. Sexass. Incredible.

Just as all of cracktrailer was and is. And will always be.

There was nothing unforgivable about what we wrote, there was nothing hateful or mean-spirited or anything that needed an apology about that 'verse. I wrote what I grew up with. Boys that lived for the day, for the moment, for the feel. Some boys that didn't make it to adulthood and some that are very successful and happy right now. I embraced the very idea that how dull and backward and isolated and insulated we were - could create an ideal. A story. Could give life to characters that I only wish I'd known in this life.

I'm so very upset that it is gone, that the world we built upon ideas and memories, sex and drugs and hot summer nights is gone now.

But I'll never be sorry for participating. I'll never have one ounce of regret.

It was just that good.

Come on over here, baby and gimme some of that vodka and cherry limeade from the drive in ... Come here and give me a kiss ...
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