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Very sad news ...

an important part of our, well, at least *my* live journal experience is going away.


The owner of cracktrailer is deleting the community. We all have until Sunday, August 1st to save what we want and/or what we wrote. If you posted something there and didn't back it up on your personal journal, please go get it.

So depressing. I loved that community and the insane, wonderful, wildly creative stories that it inspired. I still feel the urge to write in that 'verse from time to time and I know that I will again someday.

I vividly remember our cracktrailer meet!up at the very first writercon in Las Vegas. Gah! SO. MUCH. FUN.

If you've got some fic over there, or if you want to save something great that someone wrote - go with haste. Just remember not to publicly post another writer's stuff without asking them first, k? And if you've never heard of the cracktrailer 'verse? DUDE. GO THERE NOW, GO TO THE FIRST POST AND READ READ READ.

You will not regret it. It's full of simply outstanding and amazing fic from front to back.

And in much better news ~ A very, very kind anonymouse gifted me with 6 months of paid time! WOW! That's such a fantastic surprise!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

*raises a beer*
*wipes a tear*
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