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in which i am an evil!bakery manager ...

okay, so one of my bakery!boys is a redneck, immature, idiotic 19 and has a gf that works up front (cashier). She's exceptionally possesive/obsessive/paranoid and is *always* telling him that she's sure he's flirting/checking out/cheating with another girl. And he is *always* complaining about it.


So we're getting a new employee in the bakery this week and the G!F saw this on the schedule. And she immediately (according to my bakery!boy) told him that this new chick had better not be young, pretty, etc, etc because she didn't want him to be flirting working with *her*.

He told one of my other bakery!boys who told me.

And yes, I am just that evil.

Bakery!boy #1 asked me yesterday about the new girl ... and I told him ~

Dude. She's 19. Just moved here from California. Blonde hair. Absolutely gorgeous. Loves trucks. Doesn't have a bf and just bought a new 4x4.

And he bought it. Totally. Hook. Line. Sinker. The boy is already in love with someone that he's never met.

The truth? My new part~time employee is 60. Semi~retired florist with questionable cake decorating abilities that I still have to check out. And according to the few that know her she's got a great sense of humor ... thank the gods!

But! My bakery!boy went on lunch, called his g!f and told her that OMG!!! Snow said the new girl is 19! Beautiful! Loves trucks! Loves red!necks! is all about mudding and rock climbing and working on cars! and then he came in and told me that if his g!f wouldn't calm down, he was totally breaking up with her ... and I'm all WTF! Dude.

For a moment, I almost felt bad.

For a moment.

because he's already in love with this imaginary girl and if he breaks up over an IMAGINARY girl? well ... i don't think that's my fault.


Okay, it is kind of bad. But when other boys employees in the store are coming up to me and asking about this new chick that is 19, blonde, from california and likes trucks?

HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I KNOW THIS? i mean, it's not something you put on an application ...

I don't feel quite as guilty.


She starts on Wednesday, just fyi.
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