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Ah, well ...

So much for having a duplex neighbor that I would *know*.

My employee/young friend from work found a much nicer single family house to rent. Two bedrooms, more room, a better and bigger kitchen all for the same rent. She'd already signed the lease here, but hadn't moved in yet and since my LL is a cool guy - he's letting her go without holding her to the contract.

Yes, I want her to be happy where she lives and gah! What I wouldn't give for a single family home again. With a fenced back yard for my dogs. And a screened in porch for the cats, of course. A fireplace wouldn't hurt either.


So now I'm back to being neighborless and hoping that whoever does rent the other side of this house isn't an asshole. Or a psycho.

a2zmom and inkandchocolate ~ if you're still interested in sending her stuff/whatever, I'll email you her new address as soon as she moves in, okay?

Happy 25th Anniversary to tabaqui and pretties_4u!!! Happy Birthday to soundingsea!!!

Last Thursday night I decided (finally) to order The Last International Playboy DVD from the website. It is one of those movies that I knew I'd never find in any of my local video stores and hey, I've made a habit of collecting Jason Behr movies. Even when they suck. Okay, I didn't get a dvd of D-War. But I do have SkinWalkers. and Rites of Passage. *snerk*

I didn't expect it to be delivered until later this week, but it was in my mailbox yesterday!! *boggles* And it's pretty good. A little depressing (not just because it's the first Behr!movie with no Behr!ass), but it's good. Seriously. NO BEHR ASS. It's like a ... law, isn't it? He must get naked in every movie. If not, it should be. Great music and lovely New York scenery. An interesting story ~ although I would have liked a little more exposition on *why* Behr's character acted so very at once cold and distant, but tenderly involved in his friends lives. And so hurt when his bff from childhood tells him that she's getting married.

He's all 'But you were supposed to marry me!' and she just looked at him. 'You never asked.'


Behr does on camera Angst better than ANYONE. Hands down. And when he smiles? omg. It's like the sun is shining after weeks of cloudy, gloomy, foggy days. Kinda like Kansas lately.

I wish he'd do more. Fuck, I wish he'd do anything! I'm so desperate for news about him I actually googled 'where is Jason Behr?' the other day. Sad, sad fangrrl!Snow. Hopefully someday he'll get another television series, something that will show off what some of us already know. He can act. And he's so fucking pretty. You'd think Hollyweird would be snapping after his heels.

Ah, well. We take what we can get. And for the rest of the time? We play with him in PWP ficlets. Or in our dreams.

Or maybe that's just me.


Happy Groundhog Day!

PS ! Some churchie has been leaving small tracts around our store. Like ALL over the store. Little blue pieces of paper that tell us how Jesus wants us to know about Hell and OMG GET SAVED NOW!!!! So this morning, one of the produce chicks comes over with one of these in her fingers and she's like 'YOU! Tell your friends to stop leaving these all over the store!' Joking, of course. But me? I'm all ... 'Um, if that were from *my* friends? Jesus would be naked and getting it on with one of his disciples.'

*la la*

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