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New! New!

I'm getting a new duplex neighbor! Whooot! and by whooot! i mean a good house-sharing, wall-sharing, water-sharing, backyard-sharing, front porch-sharing neighbor!

*dances you*

More on that later, because first! First! I must direct all of you to go read a new story that was written just for ME. Me. Me. ME.

History Like Bones by tabaqui. It's a time stamp to South China Sea, that wonderful sexass incredible AU~Vietnam era Jensen/Jared, David/Christian story.

So, so so wonderful. I can't even begin to tell you just *how* much I love it. And not just because it was written for ME. *cough* Seriously. Go. Read. Tell her to do it again! and again! Her talent is staggering, awesome and so very addicting. Yis. Hi, I'm Snow and I'm addicted to tabaqui's story weaving ability. No, thank you. I don't want to get clean.


Back to the new neighbor situation ... I've got a part~time bakery employee. She has a full time position at the store, but as my hours are ~ I can only schedule her in my department about 20 hours a week or so. She's 21, full of creativity and excitement. Loves to decorate cakes and play with new ideas.

I knew her back when she started at the store, a few years ago. She was still in high school then and getting ready for college. She spent one semester at college ... got preggers and came back home.

Okay, a little background. She comes from a *very* religious family. Goes to church every Sunday, was never taught about sex or boys or even allowed to go out on a date. So her first few months away at religious!college? In a small town in Kansas ... she went a little, um, wild. Found a farm boy that was more than willing to show her how the animals do it and tell her that pulling out was totally safe, except for that *one* time, and yeah, now she's got the cutest, fattest 8 month old boy.

And her father has never let her forget, each and every day, just how much she has let him down. How embarrassed he is by her. How in making this one mistake ~ she has ruined her life. And his.

Two weeks ago, she started casually dating one of my bakery!boys. And in a moment of pure insanity, called him on a Saturday night. Asked him to come over to where she was living (her parent's house). She wanted to see him, yeah, she wanted some attention. She wanted to do something that didn't include being a new!mom or a bad!girl. She's young.

He came over. She snuck him into her bedroom. Her father opened the door and told her to pack up her stuff, pack up her son's stuff and Get. Out.


Soooo ... she's been living with the bakery!boy and his mom for that last two weeks in their tiny apartment. And she heard that the other side of my house was empty. Told me that she was interested, I called my uber!cute LL Erik and now! I will have a new neighbor this week!


Someone that I know is not psychotic. Someone that doesn't make me physically ill every time I see them. Someone that I can *talk* to! And hey, I'm part!time her boss at work. :D I think we'll get along just fine.

I cannot tell you what a relief this is. After the last tenants were evicted in October. After the ones before that drove me insane with all the 27 children. I was so freaking stressed about who would eventually end up on that side of the house.

Now ~ my request of you ... This is a single mother. Just kicked out of her parent's home. (which i will NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER understand. My children know that they will always have a home with me. Always. How can you look at a person that you raised, loved, bathed, worried over, taught ((or in her case did NOT)) and say GET OUT!??) She has next to nothing. A bed, a small tv, her son's furniture ~ crib, dresser, toys, clothes.

Nothing else.

If anyone has anything that she could use it would be so very appreciated. I think we've got a kitchen table covered, and a microwave. But what else? A couch, a chair, some dishes to use for cooking and eating ... that would be good. Don't you think?

I'm not asking for anything new. Just maybe stuff that you have sitting around, gathering dust. That old set of dishes, those still good, but don't match your decor towels, a picture frame that is in the back of your closet, a set of curtains you don't like anymore. Got anything like that? Want to help out a new!mom in her first home? Email me.

And go read tabaqui's fic!

I already told new!neighbor chicka that I would be happy to corrupt introduce her to the wonderful world of LJ. After she moves in and gets settled. She has no idea.

*la la*


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