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Stupid, insane and just plain crazy

Today at the Department Head meeting, I learned something new. And I know I had to look completely crazy, what with my jaw on the floor and all.

Just flabbergasted.

Every so often our store (all stores) have Out of Stock Audits. These are mega!important and the scores reflect directly on the store manager and his/her staff. I have never known too much or paid too much mind to these audits because my dept is one of the very few that doesn't have actual 'tagged shelf space' product. Thank the heavens.

Just think about your local grocery store bakery ~ pretty random (although it's not, it just looks like it) product placement, displays changing now and then, temporary signs that can be easily changed, etc, etc.

Compare that to ... the GM department, or the meat department's lunchmeat/hotdogs/etc stuff. They have shelf tags, products that are all in one place - all the time - unless there are resets. And in the grocery department - Coke is always in one place on an aisle, Pepsi, 7/Up, flour and sugar and cake mixes. Right?

So corporate sends in a small team of auditors and they walk the entire store. Scanning *any* spot that has a tag and is empty of product. The limit of OOS is 195. Sounds like a lot? Not really, not when you consider just how many, many products are in even a regular size store - let alone a Super Store.

Okay, fine. Being in stock, knowing how to order, keeping people running your back stock is all part of our jobs.

The part that made me go "Bwuuuu????!!" today?

We just had a massive Tylenol recall. Don't know why, haven't heard anything about it. But pretty much *all* the Tylenol products were pulled from the GM shelves. And tomorrow, when the OOS Auditors come in ... ALL of that counts. Against the store. Against our store manager. Against the GM dept. head.

Seriously. WTF? These people are doing their jobs. Pulling product when it's recalled - whether it's a company recall or a gov't recall - and they are in danger of LOSING THEIR JOBS because of that.

Not to mention that if the GM dept head orders something (again, doing her job) and *our* warehouse is out ... that counts. Against her. Because, yeah, *she* is in charge of ordering for our warehouse.

I'm just totally boggled by this. Insanity.

Remember that peanut recall from a couple years ago? When even *i* had to pull and throw away my store baked peanut butter cookies? yeah, every store mgr/grocery dept head got dinged for not having product on the shelves. For being out of stock.


I told you. It's just ... crazy. Some days you learn new things and it's a good day. Some days you learn new things and hours later you're still sitting here going what the fuckity fuck??!!!??!!

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