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I have

-a monarch cocoon in a jar on my desk. Because sixteen_letters says that they usually open in the morning. And she's so not awake in the morning hours.

-had one of the worst days in the history of worst days yesterday. More on that later. I'm definitely, immediately looking for a)a transfer out of the Dillon's chain and/or b)a new job. I had to wait until I came home to cry. And yeah, I haven't cried that hard in a long, long, long, long, long time.

-a very underrated mother who always, always comes through for me when I'm at the end of my rope. No matter how badly we've gotten along over the years, no matter how craptastic of a daughter I've been. She is always there for me. And I am so very guilty of forgetting that fact. I suck.

-an amusing story to share ...

Seems that one of my bakery!boys had a dream last weekend and felt the need to tell everyone. He was alone in his house (his lives with his mother/younger brothers and they were gone for the holiday weekend). His bedroom is in the basement, but when he's alone he likes to sleep upstairs so that he can wake up when/if the boogey man tries to break in, right?

So he's sleeping in his mother's bed and has a dream about a friend that he just saw that evening at a gas station. Someone he hasn't seen for a long time. And he's relating to me that he usually always sleeps with his mouth open and has been annoyed by that for his whole life because he wakes up with a dry mouth and sore throat.

Anyhow ... he's dreaming that his friend comes over and tries to wake him up. But my bakery!boy is sound asleep. So his friend gets up on the bed - takes off his pants and puts his dick in my b!b's mouth.


While he's sleeping.

The second time, my b!b wakes up (in his dream) and hits his friend. Completely freaked out. His friend falls back into a full length mirror that his mom has in his bedroom. Breaks it. And my b!b gets up, kicks his friend. Only he doesn't realize that a piece of glass from the mirror is behind his friend's head and as he kicks him, he drives the glass into his friend's skull. Killing him. My b!b then tells me that in his dream - he's sent to prison for life. For killing his friend.

Then he wakes up.


After I (and our worthless Asst. Store manager Dan) stop laughing ~ Dan says ~ 'Well, at least you'll be ready for prison.'


Supernatural! TONIGHT!


Goddamn, I'm so happy. I need something good. And distracting. Right. Now.

**twirls you**
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