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My head hurts now. . .

I've spent the entire day doing nothing but reading Angelfic.

(well, I did do some laundry. I do have to work tomorrow.)

I reread almost all of kita0610's Days of Our Unlives. God. Gah. *giggle*
That has to be the funniest Spike/Angel ever written. It's just too much. The Christmas trees. The strip twister. The pain in my side from laughing.

And knotted_rose turned me on to Alphabetsoup. I think that's right. I do know that there was some inspired DavidB and JamesM there. Intense. Hot. Sweaty goodness.

Anybody got anything else for me? I'm a ficaholic. I've stood up and admitted it. So come on. Hit me. Give me what I need.


I'll read whatever you rec. But not tonight. Now it's time to get my aching head away from this computer and rest my eyes.
And try to find my own muses. Apparently they are off together somewhere. Boys. I just hope they are being good.


I can't get the X-mas tree thing out of my head. Angel game!facing Gunn into picking a tree.

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