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Look what wal-mart made me do!

So, the new Super Wal-Mart opened on Wednesday. And as predicted our sales have been in the crapper since then.

'Shiny! New!!'

Um, it's still wal-mart, people.

You're still not gonna get any help when you want it. And their Unbeatable Prices? Most of the ones I checked out in the bakery were higher than Kroger/Dillon's/Mine.

Plus their bread was underproofed and underbaked. It looked like shit.

And? Those two employees working in the Deli thursday night ... used to work at Dillon's. And they were fired for stealing. Just fuck you FYI, Wal-Mart HR people. Just FYI.

The bonus suck of the day ~

A man and woman came up to me while I was decorating ordered cakes, telling me that they needed a Spiderman cake. Right NOW!!! It was their son's 4th birthday and they FORGOT THE CAKE. And all he wanted was SPIDERMAN.

Now, I have issues with people that forget to order a cake for their child. Our standard answer is - twenty four hour notice for specialty cakes. No exceptions. But! because I knew that no one else in town would do it? Guess what ...

I told them that if they could wait for 15 minutes - I'd make the cake for their son.


Super Wal!Mart has made me be NICE TO STUPID PEOPLE.

This sucks.

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