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How are YOU?

Tomorrow is the_nightkind's birthday. She'll be 17. And I've known her since she was, what ... 10? 11? She's been so much a part of my little family that I call her my alternate-daughter and she calls me her alternate-mom.

Lisa and Jeff started playing with her that many years ago and she's spent the night, taken road trips with us and shared so very many special occasions. I adore her and I wish her all the best for the coming year and everything that is wonderful and warm for the rest of her life.

I wish that I could give her a very special gift, but instead ... she gave me an incredible gift yesterday.

Her mother came into the store to order a cake for her birthday. And as much as I have spent time with Susie ... I do feel ashamed that I've never spent more than five or ten minutes with her mother. The woman is absolutely inspiring and so very kind. We talked for a little bit, inquiring about each other's lives and in that one conversation - I received my gift.

the_nightkind's mother told me that one day her daughter had told her to read something that I wrote. I don't know what story it was, I didn't ask what fandom or pairing, whether it was a drabble or an actual fic, RPS or not, but this talented, creative and so very warm woman told me that when she read it all she thought was why isn't she making money from this? why isn't she writing for a living?

So I took the cake order, thanked her and we made yet another promise to have lunch someday and spend more than ten minutes in quick conversation.

And I have spent the rest of that day and today ... feeling good.

How nice it is to be given such a lovely and unexpected gift.

Thank you, Teresa. Thank you so very, very much.

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