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I had to go to a mandatory store meeting today, on my day off. Two hours of learning about Customer Engagement.

A meeting I went to already. Just last year. So I knew all the answers. Knew what they were looking for and yeah, I was bored. Silly. To the point where I know I'm prolly gonna get called out for making my bakery!grrl, Traci laugh out loud. More than once. Too bad she sat next to me.

But seriously. There were two women teaching the lesson and the first one kept saying 'Absolutely'. Like over and over and over. And I might have mentioned a drinking game to accompany this class. And Traci might have laughed every freaking time the woman said 'Absolutely'. Over. And over. And Over.

And all those absolutely right answers? For doing so ~ my co~workers received a mini candy bar. Tossed at them.

I might have whispered that this behavior reminded me of being at Sea World. Or the sea lion enclosure at a zoo. I might have made sea lion sounding barks under my breath every time a dead fish candy bar was tossed at a co~worker. I might have had the bakery people around me about rolling out of their chairs with laughter.


And next week? I get to go (on my only day off) to an 8 hour food safety course in Lawrence. So I know exactly what temperature to cook pork. And steak. And fish. (yes, I've already been to this one too.) But it's really good to know since I'm a BAKERY MANAGER. But then, they even make the GM (shampoo/lotion/vitamins/candles/etc) manager go to these things. What a freaking waste of money.

And a 3 hour 'Selling through Service' meeting. All overtime. 13+ hours to be exact.

*shakes head*

Good damn thing I so badly need the money.

Oh my. Yes. I want to see this new Behr!movie sooooooo much ... The Last International Playboy. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.

Someone needs to write me some Jason Behr/David Boreanaz/Taylor Kitsch/Ryan Reynolds foursome!sandwich porn.

With Hugh/Jensen, Jared/Vincent dessert!porn.

Yes yes yes.

Thank you and you're welcome for those pretty pictures in teh!head moments.

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