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Work Shite

A Super Hell~Mart is being built less than a mile from our store. As in, you can see it from the front of our store. Supposed to open in July and, as scheduled, everyone in upper management is freaking out.

We (department heads) spent a day with a remodeling team talking about what needs to be changed/updated in our store a couple months ago. They paid customers to come in and talk about what *they* wanted changed/updated. Yeah, that's not happening now. (minus how many dollars later?)

So now every employee has to attend meetings in a hotel here in town in June. Two 3 hours meetings and one 8 hour day for us lucky Department heads. All about Customer Engagement.

Because ...

'Customers don't care about the price of stuff as long as they get excellent service.'



That fits right in with Kroger's belief that 'Employees care more about praise and daily feedback than they do how much money we pay them.'

WTF do those people smoke/inhale/shoot up?

I don't know about you, but I can't pay my rent with a good evaluation. I can't make my car payments with excellent feedback from my boss. I can't feed my children and myself with a fucking pat on the back and a high-five.


So I get to go spend 14 hours learning how to engage a customer when I could be, oh, I don't know ... DOING MY FUCKING JOB.

And how much is this gonna cost? How about just giving every *associate* a goddamn decent raise, Kroger?

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