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Ahhh ~ Graduation week. How I've missed you. Has it really been a year since we last spent time together? A whole year since I've had to have a pallet of cakes in the store's big freezer and had to listen to the Grocery manager whine about it? (like it doesn't happen this time every year ... he's always SO SURPRISED!) A year since Lori and I had to work three or four overnight shifts in a row?

I just don't know where the time has gone.


So, tonight I start by going in at midnight. Thurs/Fri/Sat will be 9 pm to 7 am. I'm very excited. Can't you tell?

Our oh-so-special, micro~managing District Manager came by a week ago and overheard me refer to Grad Week as *our second Christmas*. She was all !!! I've never heard that before!! and now *our second Christmas* is on all the bakery paperwork/emails. Thank you very much. as long as she doesn't overhear me calling the next 5 days HELL WEEK ...


A belated Happy Mother's Day to everyone. And thank you to lostakasha for the ecard. *hugshugshugs* My son made me cry ~ bought me flowers and a card that he wrote You mean everything to us, even if we don't tell you everyday inside. I promptly burst into tears and yeah, I'll be keeping that one forever.

Before Mother's day, while I was at work last week ~ I was remembering how when my kids were little and I had a normal Mon-Fri job ~ they would bring me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. A tray of pancakes and eggs and bacon, fresh coffee and juice and a flower or two from our rose bushes. I loved it so much.

So I started thinking ... that we (the store) should be able to create and sell something like that, you know? A premade breakfast tray for dads and kids to pick up and serve to Mom.

And I made one. Showed it to Store Mgr Jackie, added up the retail of everything included and we set a price for it. Saturday morning I made 32 of them, made a display in the corner of my cake case with big pink signs ... Jackie took a picture of it and sent it off to the Dist. Mgr. Who sent it to every other Dist. Mgr. And then to the #3 guy in Dillon's. And he sent it to the President of Dillons.


Mom's Breakfast-in-Bed Tray

Inside is a croissant sandwich (either ham/cheese or turkey/cheese), a bagel (blueberry/cinnamon crunch or cinnamon raisin), a container of sliced fruit, a bag of Breakfast tea, two mini cherry turnovers and a carnation wrapped in a ribbon.

I'm already pondering how I can tweak them for next year ~ adding individual tubs of cream cheese/honey and butter. And perhaps getting the meat dept to make and cook fresh sausage for the sandwiches. And! Father's Day!!!omg! A lunch tray with chicken wings, a jalapeno bagel sammich, meatballs or lil' smokies in bbq sauce, an apple, a brownie/slice of cake and a tiny necktie made out of ribbons. What do you think?

Of course, Sunday morning Jackie and I received a spanking an email from the Food Safety Department of Dillon's. They were extremely miffed that we hadn't run this idea through them first! omg! Bad, Bad Me. *rolls eyes* I was commended for thinking outside the box, and put down for not following proper procedure.

Have they ever seen me? I don't HAVE A BOX.


I sold all but 13 at full price, marked the last ones 1/2 price around 5pm Sunday afternoon and watched them all walk out the door with a smile on my face. Eat that Food Safety bitches! I have my Food Safety certification! I'm capable of not poisoning people. At least not inadvertently. *la la*

Happy Tuesday to everyone! Have a perfectly smashing day.

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