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baby!kitten picspam

Remember the kitten that i picked up from my back porch last September?

Sabrina then ~

Sabrina now!

She's so very fat. And happy. And snuggly at nighttime. Still hates being picked up, but when she comes to you ... she is yours.



Angelus with Gabriel!

My favorite is the first one. Gabriel may not be the best behaved dog in the world, but he absolutely understands baby and he respects them so much. His legs curled under him as he scrunches down on the floor and waits for the kitten to come to him. Crawl over him. It's just the freaking cutest thing in the world.

Lisa's done such a good job being surrogate mom to Angelus. Bottle feeding him, wiping his privates so he'll potty. I'm so proud of her! Although she's very, very ready for him to start eating regular kitten food.


So, now that KY is advertising it's Intense lube on regular tv channels and shows ... how long until we see something a little more interesting?

*la la*
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