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Saturday Night ~ Must be time for baby!kitten picspam

Angelus! He's 14 days old now! And sooooo cute. His tail is SO TINY. And when he drinks his milk, his little bitty ears go back and forth and back and forth.


Lisa is doing such a great job with him. Keeping him fed and pottied and clean. And no, she didn't name him after Angelus. She said it's an Easter thang. Something about the Angelus bells ringing every day but Easter. Whatever. I'm petting his fuzzy little head and thinking 'bout pretty vampires.

Oh, yeah. I do have other pets ...

Gabriel in his kitchen chair, looking out his window. Making sure those damn kids don't play on our lawn!

We had a little bit of fun with the bottle feedings at first. 'Til we figured out the 'how big of a hole to put in the nipple' thing.

What? I may have three kids, but I never used a bottle! I had no clue!


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