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Home from work, with four hours of over~time under my belt, thank you very much.

Dan, the assistant store mgr came by the bakery this a.m. and said 'you need to try to lose some of that overtime, k?'

and I said 'oh, sure. I'll try to do that. You betcha.'

*la la*

after sitting through that fucking meeting and listening to that crap? I deserve the time and a half, damnit. And I'm keeping it.


Today is a *very special* day.

It is tabaqui's birthday!!!


There is nothing I can say about Tabi that I haven't already said in years past on this very special day. Nothing anyone, I'm sure, doesn't already know about her and how wonderful, warm and wise she is.

So I'll just end this post with a squishytacklehug for my BFF. Forever and always. I'm so very, very, very happy that you are part of my life, Tabi. Online and off. You make my day. every day. We keep each other's secrets and share each other's joys and pain and boredom and excitement and my world would never, ever be this bright if your complete beauty, inside and out, were not a huge part.


*throws you a party*

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