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Happy Belated Hoppity Day.

I'm glad it's over. Damn, I mean, I appreciate the job security but OMFG people can buy food. The last three days have been complete insanity at the store. Every register hopping, every department wiped clean. We ran out of hams at 6 pm Saturday evening!

The past two days have been rainy and cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and sun! I'm crossing my fingers. I have to do laundry, damnit! And since my dryer decided it had had enough of work ... the sun has become my best friend. Thank goodness for clothes lines and spring days.

Aaaaaaaaaand ... the big news?

Look what Lisa found while walking the dogs in the rain yesterday afternoon ~

We're thinking he's about 10 days old. She said that he was on his back in a puddle of water, little feet waving in the air.


So of course she picked him up. And he's passed the first 24 hours in our house, eating kitten replacement milk from one of those tiny bottles. Every. Two. Hours. Lisa has new!mommy circles under her eyes. :) and tiny scratches on her hands and fingers from his teeny tiny claws. And she says that he purrrrrrrs when she feeds him. Hee!! How sweet.

Although now she's rethinking how she joked about Tiger being resurrected on Easter Day.



**squishes you**
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