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Supernatural = AWESOME

This ep, hell, this whole season should be mandatory viewing for all television screen-writers.

Attention! Bones!screen writers! (more commonly known as the worst of the worst from the Pit of Voles.)


and not a single cartoon, out of character, wtf-inducing moment in the entire show. Imagine that.


in other news, my oldest daughter made me cry today. Earlier this afternoon I get this text ~

we are going to madame tussard's wax museum today. Also went to the flamingo and got married. :)


As predicted, I flipped the fuck out. Not that it hadn't crossed my mind that they might get married while in Vegas ... but I'm telling you ~ my stomach churned. I couldn't breathe. I was very hysterically calm while dialing her phone number and she's all "I was joking!!!"

And I immediately dissolved into tears. Then Lori is apologizing and I'm laughing while I'm crying and telling her that I wouldn't blame them if they did. I really wouldn't. Mostly because it would totally be something I would do. If, you know, I had an S.O. like hers. And had been together for as long as they have. And was in love. And had my whole life ahead of me like they do.


But I so want to be there when they do exchange vows. I do! I just ... do. Call me crazy.

I told Lori that I loved her, that I'm glad she's having a wonderful time and that she's GROUNDED. FOREVER. *la*

*clings to you*
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