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What's Your Celtic Animal?

Your Animal is the Stag
You are a proud, independent person. You take care of yourself and are very attractive.
You keep a bit of a distance from the world, but you still understand it well.

You are both spiritual and intuitive. You are sensitive to all of the creatures around you.
You enjoy travel, especially when it involves a long journey. You especially love traveling outdoors.


What have i been doing?

Working. Walking. Sleeping.

Mai Liafe. Makes you just breathless, right?

Yesterday, I took Gabe up to the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary to see the buffalo. Just to find out if he'd be as stupid as I thought ... and he *so* didn't disappoint me. Luckily the herd was alllll the way across the field and while Gabriel was convinced that they were a pack of free-running, very large kitties with horns that he must make friends with omg!!rightnow! ... they didn't even notice him. We'll have to try again another day. and hey! no one pointed a gun at me this time! stupid guards! sheesh. don't ever try to turn around in the fed pen's parking lot. they don't find it amusing at all.

I put Lori and Terry on a plane bound for Las Vegas yesterday morning and I'm trying so hard to not simply fall into a seething, steaming mound of jealousy. 5 nights. 6 days. Cirque de Soliel. and sooooooooooo much more. And I get to babysit Lola, my second grandchild their tragically expensive Siamese kitten. And drive Lori's car. While Terry's dad gets the dog from hell Pomeranian, Lilly.

I think I won in that, at least.

I've been religiously watching ~ Lie to Me, BSG, Kings and Supernatural. Trying to catch up with T:SCC. Ignoring the fail that is Bones, despite the very very pretty of Dave.

There are too many *I* statements here.

How are you?

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