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She said what? Does anyone even direct bones anymore?

Or do David and Emily just do whateverthefuck they want?

DAVID BOREANAZ is offering to strip for an X-rated episode of his U.S. TV forensics drama BONES now that he and co-star EMILY DESCHANEL are together on the small screen.
The pair's characters, Booth and Brennan, have become lovers and Boreanaz hopes to steam up the screen with their antics.
He tells the new issue of TV Guide, "I hate it when two people are going at it and they turn over and suddenly they're covered up in blankets. I'm all in. I am not going to be wearing a sack.
"I'd want a little aggression, then we can rip each other's clothes off... We could have a pie fight."

And Deschanel is more than happy to be dating her leading man: "We've already kissed... and we enjoyed it a little more than we'd like to admit."

from here.

So, the questions I have are ~

is this even true? I mean, it sounds just like Dave and we already know from his naked escapades on BtVs/Ats and These Girls that he has no shame about being in the all-together (and thank goodness for that, seriously).

did he mean sock? or is it *so* big that he needs a sack? hahahahahaha! i crack myself up.

are both Emily and David talking about themselves as their characters now? Do they really think that they are these people? We've all seen the interviews where David, when asked specific things about Booth says 'I' and 'me' instead of 'he'. And while I'm all over getting into character and knowing your character ... um ... Booth isn't married. And Boreanaz is. And I'm no fan of Jaime/Jamie/the plastic bunny Boreanaz ~ I wouldn't want to wish anything bad upon her marriage either. unless it was Dave coming out of the closet and admitting he and Kane are and have been in luff for years *la la*

Oh, Dave. Never Change.

In other news, I sent away for a pack of these Soft Paws for my little, fat, rescued from the back porch!kitten, Sabrina. Since I was *this* close to making an appt to have her declawed because she CANNOT STOP CLAWING ME. Climbing up my legs, jumping on my lap, hanging from the back of my NECK!!!111Omg!! and tabaqui was all NO NO NO! - You cannot declaw your kitteh!

and we know i'm tabi's bitch bff

So, I'm like ... okay okay. And yesterday I put them on Sabrina. It was SO easy. And quick. And cheap!!11! and now?

I have no fresh, bleeding scratches on my arms, legs, wrists ... and Sabrina doesn't even act like she knows that they are on her itty bitty extremely sharp front claws.

I highly recommend them. To anyone that has a cat/kitten that is using their claws in an inappropriate way. On you or on your furniture.


Dude! It has been an awesome day. In all sorts of ways.

*spins you about*
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