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Made me laugh, so i had to share ~

This a.m. at work, Mike comes outside to smoke with me. He's laughing, telling me that he *almost* called me yesterday afternoon to tell me about this customer he had at the meat counter.

Mike was sampling two different kinds of steak on a hot plate set on top of his service counter. He had three printed signs on folded cards on the customer's side of the hot plate. The first one telling what kind of steak it was, the second (middle one) saying 'Caution. Hot Surface.' and the third had the other kind of steak.

So this man comes up, grabs a toothpicked piece, eats it and exclaims ~ "Wow! That's great! What kind of seasoning is on that steak?"

And since Mike had seasoned each kind of steak differently, he asks the customer ~ "Which one did you try?"

To which the customer responded ...

"The Hot Surface one."


All I could say to that was ... At least he read the signs. Srsly.

Isn't it time for another vacation yet?

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