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Haiku2 for sweptawaybayou
boot the big bad spike
had found hated you because
you have ever known
Created by Grahame

Hrmmmm, that could be a fic prompt.


In other news, Booth the FBI now has my fingerprints!! And I've been badged and ID'd for the VA!! Next up is orientation on Friday, then I can start ... doing. Volunteering. Something. My availability perturbs them, but when Spring Break comes and summertime/school's out, I'll have a car again. And be able to do more. Hopefully.

I'm very excited! Teh veteran's nursing home is in the same building as the psych unit, so I'm sure I'll have some interesting posts. It will be nice to get out of the house again, for something other than work. Since I don't go drinking with teh!boyz anymore ... *sigh* Now I'll be bingoing with teh!boyz.


oh! Speaking of boyz, I've been playing around with my facebook thingy and I went looking through who's on there from the high school I went to in Cheyenne. I didn't recognize any of the women's names, but, um, there were several guys on there that I *cough* remember. Dating. Gah. I was such a slut in the early 80's.


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