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Writer's Block: Left Behind

What do you want done with your body after you die?

As I've told my kids over and over and over, until they can repeat it verbatim to me ... I want to be cremated. No funeral. No freakin' wake or viewing. I want my ashes to be scattered off/dropped from the middle of the bridge over the Royal Gorge in Colorado. And that way (in my mind, humor me) if ever my children/grandchildren/friends want to commune with my spirit, they'll get to go to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We've had many discussions about exactly *how* this illegal act will be carried out. Everyone pretty much agrees that Lisa will be the one to pull it off. I was all 'just put me in a paper bag and shake the dust over the edge, then run'.

Of course, this has evolved to Lisa carrying my ashes in a very fragile crystal urn/dish/bowl/vase out to the middle of the bridge, weeping hysterically and *accidentally* bumping into some random tourist. The very fragile crystal urn/dish/bowl/vase *accidentally* falling from her strategically held-over-the-railing fingers and down I go. After which Lisa gets to TOTALLY ruin somebody's day by screaming 'MY MOM!!! OMG!!! YOU MADE ME DROP MY MOTHER!!!!!!!'


And that completely makes sense if you've ever met my daughter. Her sense of humor is ... rather black.

One thing we do all agree upon? Forever after, all the male rafters in the river below will feel sudden urges to blow their friends. Hey, a slashy!ghost!grrl has to have some kind of amusement.

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