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*wraps you in hugs*

Thank you, thank you for all teh!wonderful birthday messages and goodies!

I had a very, very awesome day. Got a nice car from the rental place at a good rate, my oldest loaned me her Garmin GPS thingy and off I went to visit tabaqui and pretties_4u. I'm so glad that Lori had that thing, man, there is no direct route to where Tabi lives now. It's all twisty two-lane highways through central missouri and I would've had to keep stopping and checking a map. Instead I simply followed the pink line and there I was! Yay!

Although when the Garmin chick kept saying 'Keep left. Exit right. Keep left. Exit right.' on the way home? I was all Lucy and Ricky in The Long, Long Trailer and laughing my ass off.

Good thing I was by myself.


tabaqui's new house is a worthy destination for any of you that need a getaway. It's beautiful and comfortable and, of course, has three of my favorite people in the world in it. *And*, at her new place, there is a room with a door to sleep behind and in! A very special room, where Cat has painted his art on the walls and it's quiet and warm and the perfect place to relax.

Thank you both, so very much for letting me invade and enjoy.

And although I could have stayed for weeks, I'm glad I got home when I did. Since this morning it is snowing and the drive through kansas city would have sucked soooooooo much. I would have ended up staying longer just to avoid it! *la la*

Thank you altyronsmaker for the icons! Look! My first very own CK icon! with my name on it! Thank you inkandchocolate for the cupcake on my user info page! Whoot! And thank you lostakasha for the Lush gift certificate. :) That rocks. Hard.

Wanna see my new tattoos?

Snowflakes for Snow!

Putting on the transfers.

Finished product.

It's so much *more* than what I had in mind. So much better. So much prettier. The usual for Cat. He continually astonishes me with his creativity and talent. I love it SO MUCH. ALL NINE OF THEM!

And yeah, it's gonna be a long, long time before I get another. Sheesh! over my collarbone? THAT HURT!!!111!!


*squishes you all tight*

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