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I'm outa the bakery until Sunday!

*twirls you*

Weekend over. Inventory done. I've got a full day of *sweet nothing* planned. And another one tomorrow. Well, planned sleep and fuck, PORN. I NEED IT. I've got so many bunnies bouncing around in my head. I've gotta write this week. Gotta. Have to. Or I might just explode. Ever feel like that?

Someone gifted handbasketnews with two months of paid time!!!11!! I'm still boggling over that. Whoever it was, thank you thank you thank you. What a nice surprise. :) I'm so pleased that the newsletter has been gathering watchers and new editors. Soon I shall be able to simply maintain and administrate and let it fly, like all excellent babies should.

Fly! Be free!!


Yeah. I should prolly go to bed. It's been a long, long night. And I'm looking forward to a long, long, loooooooooong week. Off. There shall be spam. Hopefully of the fic!kind, but most definitely of the spammity!spam kind.

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