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ahhh, customers ...

5 minutes before I was leaving work this afternoon ...

Bakery Line 1, Bakery Line 1 please

me! Good morning! This is Dillon's Bakery, may I help you? Okay, it wasn't morning anymore. But I always answer the phone that way. No matter what time it is.

Stupid Customer! Yes. I'd like to order a cake.

me! Great, when do you need this cake? I've learned to ALWAYS ask this first.

Stupid Customer! I need to pick it up at Nine a.m. tomorrow morning.

me! Oh, I'm sorry. The best I can do for you is noon tomorrow.

Stupid Customer! What?! Are you kidding?

me! Um, no. We ask at least 24 hours notice for all special cake orders. I do have many cakes in the case that are ready to go, you're welcome to pick one of those out and we can write on it for you.

Stupid Customer! That's the best you can do? You're telling me that you're SO BUSY that you can't make a cake for me RIGHT NOW?!!!??!! Well forget it! I'm going to Wal-Mart.


me! Hello? Ma'am? Hello?

*rolls eyes*

Good luck with that WalMart thing. Until they open the SuperCenter this summer, you're going to be shit out of luck getting a cake from them. Just, you know, FYI. In fact, they buy their damn pay~check donuts from US every other freaking Friday.

And you know, if she hadn't acted like a 2 year old, I would have bent the rules. If she had explained that it was some kind of cake!omg!emergency and asked nicely ... I would have made the damn cake for her and had it ready anytime tomorrow. But, heh, act like a bitch ... and you get NOTHING.

*la la*
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