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Happy New Year

This is how fast the years pass for me.

This is how quickly time moves, streams around us as if we're standing still and as friendships grow, as children become adults, as hair grays and wrinkles form, as stories flash by, as love deepens, as shows come and go, movies to dvd, as flesh sags and ages, as our time here shortens and the personal history we leave by choice or by ignorance are forever chiseled into stone or printed on dust that drifts away leaving nothing behind ...

We cherish every moment. Every dawn. Every evening. Every hug. Every whisper, every shout, every whimper of loneliness. Every cry of worry, of pain and loss. Every moan of lust and the laughter, oh, the laughter. There is nothing sweeter. No memory that can top that first chortle and giggle, that perfect smile, that out right howl of joy accompanied by tears on cheeks and hands gripped around bellies.

Every kiss.

Every secret. Every story, every joke. Every hand held out that we could reach for and grasp. Every look of adoration that we see on the face of someone in love ... every nickname, every tease.

From gurgling, chubby cheeked infants to taller than us, smarter than us adults. From tentative emails to daily YIM chats. Our family, our friends. From bare handful of kitten found on back porches to loving fat fluff that purrs on laps every evening. Every morning. From a puppy in a cage in a pound to a proud, protective and silly dog that makes each day fun.

Our lives are so rich. From sun rise to sun rise.

The fantasies, the generosity, the talent and creativity. The learning, the teaching, the giving and the asking when we need ... just a hug. Just a wave. A smile. A nod. A place to stay in a city or country that we've never been to, that we would be lost inside of.

Some may say that we spend too much time online. That we don't live in the real world, that we avoid and hide. But I know that I have a life that is ripe with ideas and happiness and spirit and squeeful joy. And that without you, without our fandoms, without the sharing that happens on a daily/nightly basis ... time would still be passing as quickly and I would miss out on so much.

And even as the days blur and the nights go by, I feel myself standing in it all. Hands out. Touching the stars, seeing the world.

Because of you.

I'm looking forward to a new year. And more. More of this ...
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