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I'm tired and more than slightly loopy,

but I know you'll forgive me, right?

Jeff worked until 11 last night, so I slept all afternoon, got up at eight thirty. Showered, watched Leverage, checked my flist and scurried off to work. I'm glad I went in so early, I'd forgotten to tell my bakery!closers to pan up something rather essential ... so I was able to do it then. Wait for it to thaw, prep and proof and bake before the store opened. *whew* How I wish that I had a crew that would question me more often and be like ... wow .. she didn't put this on the list ... should I call and ask? Should I just do it?


I worked until 8 or so, came home and crashed for two hours. Took Jeff back to work at 10, because I needed the car for that one LAST gift and some rental movies. Whoot! One extra day! yayayayayay! Although Death Race was all gone. *pouts* I really, really wanna see that. I might have to check back at six thirty when I go pick up Jeff from the store.

I need to clean the house for tomorrow. Need to wrap gifts. Need to drink more coffee. Need to get some sleep. Need to start cooking. Need to do the dishes. Need to write PORN. Need to read PORN. Need to clean the litterbox. Need to feed the outside *notMINE* cats. Need to brush the dogs. Need to clean the toilet and the bathtub and the floors. Need to do laundry.

And, of course, I'm doing none of that.
I watched last week's Top Chef. I had a dream about stop that! you belong in killerweasel's dreams! Christian Kane. I'm sitting here ... drinking wine and pondering the world and friendships and luff.

I know I've been cranky. And out of sorts. And not in the holiday spirit. But I do wish for all of you a safe, happy, desire-fulfilled holiday season. I've met some of the most incredible people here, on LJ. Made some life long friendships. Pissed some people off. Made some fantastic enemies and to that I say Ha! Hahahahahaha!

If anyone wants to judge me on anything ... judge me on the talent and quality and spirit of not only my friends, take into account the massive creative talent of the people that have defriended me.


I've got a brand spankin' new newsletter going. I've seen the fall of the hushhushfreak!out of RPF fic. I've got two of the bestest friends in the WORLD and I would not have ever known them without this marvelous place. Without our incredible fandom. Without the awesome ability to reach out and touch, to be touched by others all over the world. And all with the stroke of a key, the tenuous connection of electricity and internet.

I've learned so very much. I've been given the chance to walk in another's shoes. I've been brought to tears by the generosity of people I never even met, that I never will meet face to face.

I've been given the world. And I will never take this gift for granted.

Thank you all for this experience. Thank you all for every minute, every fic, every thought, every rant, every whine, every laugh, every blah day, every good day, every worry, every wish, every picture, every touching, honest, loving, hating, squeeing, dancing moment.

This is the best gift of all. You are the best gift of all.

Merry, merry. Happy, happy. Whatever you celebrate. However you choose to do so.

Be safe. Be warm. Be assured that you are loved.


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