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Rewriting history ...

He met his wife, actress/model Jaime Bergman, by eyeing her tattoos. Oddly, they matched his tats with both body placement and design: The duo shares Chinese symbols that translate into "soul" and "fate" on their wrists.

from here.

and I say oh really? WTFEver.

Life is not a Twilight movie, Dave. No matter how much better it sounds that way.


Speaking of ~ today i went xmas shopping (ack! i know. i can't ever do things in a timely fashion. NOTHING. ever.) and in Hot Topic, which will now be known as The Store That Sold Out to Twilight, there was actually a t~shirt that said 'I'm watching you always'.

Oh, that's not creepy at all. Not even a little bit.


I succeeded in getting everything, which admittedly wasn't much, that I had on my list. Almost. Apparently the Bath and Bodyworks store in our lameass Leavenworth mall has disappeared, so ... hopefully Lori can find one in KC to get my usual supply of lotions for my bakery!grrls stocking stuffers. How I wish that we had a Lush store around here. Somewhere.

I did buy a three foot rawhide bone for Gabriel and a tub of cat crack cat nip for the furry ones. It's been so cold here that the snow has frozen in to sharp shards of ice and Molly, the Corgi, keeps cutting her feet when I take her out to potty. She needs shoes, apparently.

Lori sold one of the laptops for $520.00. She'll sell me the other one for $300. FUCK. How I wish I had $300.00. *sigh*

Two more days of insanity work. Two more days of getting up at midnight so I can get to work by 1. So I can start baking/decorating/packaging/smiling and having everything pretty and full by 7 a.m.

*clings to you*

Is it January yet? can it be soon?
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