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Subtext, gotta love it. and things that make me happy day 1.

How much do I love that *every* single email I've gotten from my David Boreanaz google!alert over the past four days has had to do with Christian Kane?

As far as reading between the lines goes ...

'Leverage' actor's Philly (wet)dreams

The last time Christian Kane was in Philadelphia, the actor was too hung over (too sore) from partying with (from being fucked by) his best buddy, David Boreanaz, to run up the "Rocky" steps. (awwwwwwww)

But Kane, co-star of TNT's series "Leverage," which premiered last night, said that it was the only thing he planned to do while here promoting the show last week (because David is not there. What else has he got to do?). Kane appeared alongside the Malvern Prep "Bones" star on "Angel," (where was all this promotion for Angel back in the day?! Sheesh. I've read more about the show lately, between Twilight and Leverage, than I did years ago. When it was ON.) and says that he considers Boreanaz's dad and mom, 6ABC's Dave Roberts and wife, Patti, to be like a second family (*snort* I'm sure he does). Kane plays tough-guy Eliot Spencer on the fast-paced con-artist revenge drama. The guitarist/singer has just finished recording a country album and hopes to tour next year if his (boyfriend) acting schedule permits.

(from here)

This morning started out with rain, now it's snowing. I'm sooooo very glad that we skipped over the ice part. Thank you, Kansas.

I've been tagged by ckanerock *squish* for this meme. 8 days of posting something that makes me happy. And snow, along with thinking of DB and CK pining for each other ... oh yis. This makes me happy.


*spins you about*
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