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Twilight vs ... Roswell?

Are aliens more romantic than vampires?


A Pro!Behr blog *not* written by me! Yay!

Now if we could just get Jason to stop, for a moment, doing quirky, independent films and do *one* thing that is mainstream. He might have to keep his ass covered ... but sheesh! More people need to experience teh!behr.

Nothing new on the neighbor!front. I came home from work today and saw the teenage boy (shouldn't he be in school at one thirty in the afternoon?) and a different little kid on the front porch. A little boy who was happily banging kicked out spindles on the railing. With his pants down around his knees. And it was only like, 27 degrees out.


Our store mgr is out for a couple weeks. Had to have surgery of the womanly kind and our very nice, very ineffectual asst mgr Dan is in charge. It should be an interesting build up to the X~mas holiday madness.

now ... back to 'A Christmas Story' ...

They looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears.


*sprinkles you with glitter*
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