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Lest we forget ...

Thank you, Veterans. Present and past.

I've been researching PTSD and Vietnam vets in prison and oh, so many joyful topics today. *facepalm* I would've gone to the Veteran's Day parade that clogged the streets around my house for hours this morning, but here in Leavenworth parades are a joke. Besides a couple marching bands, the VFW and clowns in small cars ~ anyone that has a truck, that pastes a sign to the side and a flag over the hood can be in the parade. So ... basically the parade is an advertisement for businesses in Leavenworth! A commercial.

'Thanks, Vets! Shop at Joe's hardware!'

Not exactly the respect I think they deserve. I think people in parades should, oh, I don't know ... build an actual FLOAT. But, whatever. This is why I'm not on the parade committee, right?

lostakasha is hard at work on the banner for handbasketnews!!!! And with her talents, you know it will be sextastic. beautiful. incredible.


I can't wait!

I'm a little fretful that so many rpf/s comms are flocked still, but hopefully the editors and myself will be able to navigate around that.

And, talking about RPF/S ... has everyone read tabaqui's new fic ~ South China Sea? Jared/Jensen and a bit of, well ... just go read it and see if you can pick out what part was written just for me in this wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable story from the most excellent brain of Tabi. And what part I'm stealing away with for my own nefarious ficlet porn ...

*la la*


and congratulations stoney321! Someday I will participate in the walk with you, I will, I will.

*smooches everyone*
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