Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

Who has your name?

Found this in circe_tigana's post.

What name did you want on LJ? Did someone already have it?
What about your real name? Your dream name? Your pen name?

Since Snow is my pen name/alter ego/party girl/has more fun than I do/bitch/muse perve/?????/. . . .

Mine was interesting. snow is a man.
Named David. mmmmm, feels good in your mouth
who lives in Central Maine. Born in 1958.
lists as his mindblowingly interesting interests. . .

and. . .
flower gardening!

Oh. Be still my heart. I'm in love.
And he's never posted anything.

What does that tell yah?
That man has a lot to say! *snark*
ETA: He has two friends. One is Russian and has never posted. One is from Washington State and has 2 posts.
*and I thought my life was fun* Sheesh!

So. . .where did your search end up?
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