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Booth and Brothers and Bones

You know, as a writer/dreamer/slasher/fanfiction obsessionist ... you know when you see two men and think, wow ... they'd look pretty damn hot together. And so you write them as such. Even though, in reality, they might have only officially met once. Yet you create worlds for them in your head. You spend hours thinking of ways that they could meet and get together for clandestine HOT SWEATY SEX.

You even have one of your very, very, very best friends make you a header for your journal reflecting your One. True. Pairing.

And you shrug away the gentle scoffs that come from others. You smile and bide your time and then!


One day, you are richly rewarded.

Watch. This.

No small thanks to lostakasha for YIMimg me immediately with the info and to tabaqui for finding me the video within only a few moments of my near~stroke inducing screaming.

And yes, I do feel badly for BRENDAN FEHR, who is actually scheduled to portray Seeley Booth's brother on Bones. I do like him, he's easy on the eyes and everything I've seen him in, I've enjoyed.


DAVID said JASON BEHR'S name. And called him 'A really great guy.'


i will be in my bunk.

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