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I belong to this daily newsletter thing called MamaSource. It's pretty cool, mostly. People ~ women ~ mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, women that want to be mothers post questions and if any of the readers can help with advice, they (we) answer.

It's very interesting and amusing and sometimes ... very much with the omg!wtfbbgpolarbear!!111 why did you have children response.


From today ...

Ladies, I need some advice asap. What am i suppose to do when my 15 year old daughter is yelling when we are trying to have a discussion about something that she has gotten in trouble about. Other than pop her in the mouth to shut her up, but she continues, I could end up in jail if i did what i really wanted to do at that very moment. I really believes she has anger problems, but it seems to only come when she gets in trouble.

oh, anger management therapy? anyone? FOR THE MOTHER?

From other issues ~ and by issues, I mean ISSUES.

I have a 16-year-old teen girl who I have learned is a darn good liar. We had great talks about sex, and after much discussion and debate, and understanding, etc., I let her go on the pill. She was acting very responsibly, and told me she would never have sex at this age, but wanted to have the pill in case things went to far with her boyfriend. She told me her and her boyfriend had decided not to have sex - they both wanted to wait. He was her first serious boyfriend. They were always very respectful of the rules, that a parent had to be home if they were at each other's houses. They did a lot to built up my trust. Now I find out, after they broke up, that she not only had sex with him, but bragged about it to her friends. She doesn't know I know. I don't know what to do or how to handle it. Please don't tell me I'm stupid for putting her on the pill. I asked mamasource about putting her on the pill and got over 50 responses, all saying I should. Now what??????


This may sound crazy, but I really need a way to releave major stress. Let me say what is going on in my life. Neither my daughter or son-in-law will quit smoking, so we still have the baby-the good news is he has partial hearing. My 6yr old son walked out in front of a car that came over a top of a hill, didn't get hit or anything but it was a social worker that was driving so now I have children's services on my back and threating to take him away. My daughter and son-in-law finally moved out and back into their house when they decided to "repair" the bathroom floor, took out the toilet, put it in the front yard which then got broke. This was last weekend, so they have no toilet, partial floor in the bathroom and are using a bucket to "go" in and she is due in December. One of their neighbors called the health dept. on them, so now children's services will be involved with them.Oldest son and wife house they were renting got condemed and may have to move in with us. Then last night my van that I have had for 1 month caught on fire, at least the air conditioner did, my husband got the fire out, but today I have no power steering and it looks like the serpenteen belt eith melted or something cause it won't run. I couldn't go to work, first day of the fair, supposed to pick up youngest daughter from 30 miles away to come home for the weekend. The stress is making me want to eat, eat, eat,eat. Anyone with any ideas? My husband says not to worry about things-I can't do that-just not built that way. I listen to my favorite mellow music which helps for a little bit but then it quits, haven't been able to sleep well for weeks now which is making me short tempered and don't have the money to go to the Dr.

oh. Dude. *shakes head*

My daughter is 11 1/2 going on 31. Does anyone have any advice about how to handle pre-teen attitude???? Lately, it's gotten worse. I really think that it's just getting to that time where it doesn't matter who is talking to her. I've tried just talking to her in a low soothing voice and she still gets an attitude with me. She doesn't really seem to have an attitude with her dad, it's more with me. I try not to let it bother me. She may just be getting ready to start her period for the first time. If she's acting this way and it's not even started yet, what am I really in for?? HELP!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have mercy.

And I wonder how I raised my own kids by myself. How any *one* of us was raised ...


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