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I got my

wheels greased today.

Which, of course, sounds a lot dirtier than it should. Than it actually was.

*sigh* My life. So sad.

See, I have 14 baking racks in my bakery. And I've been at this store for a little more than six years and the wheels on some, if not most, have rusted to the point that when we pull a rack of cookies from the oven I fear for my employees and myself. There are a couple racks where the wheels will *not* turn when the rack is full of 400 degree product.

So last week I called Store Services and bitched whined. The guy I talked to said that he would try to get someone out to grease the wheels, since he nixed my original proposal of REPLACING THE WHEELS because it would cost $2,000.00.

Oh, wahhh, wahhhh. I told him that I ran a VERY profitable bakery and it would only take *one* employee to get a face/chestful of still cooking hot product to bring this all crashing down. Especially after I had documented this as a SAFETY ISSUE.


I did bite back my immediate reply of ... 'oh? $2,000.00? I wonder how much re~constructive surgery is going for these days?'

So this nice man from Store Services came out and greased the wheels of all 14 racks. Of course, when he saw the condition of a few of them he ordered new ones for those. And told me to call back in 6 months, because this kind of maintenance should really be done a little more OFTEN. DUH.

I <3 him.

I have ONE more day of work, after a 7 day stretch and then I'm off Thurs/Fri. I'm already thinking that it will not be enough. *clings*

And my brain, what little there is left, is being eaten by a drabble request (Angel/Dean) that has turned into a fic. Thank you, Luminosity. Thank you so much.


I have a couple (and more) fic recs for you and I want to start a weekly newsletter, similar to the su_herald, but dealing with only RPF fic. Just think ~ bandom, J2, all the CW RPS and on and on.

It could work. It could! How much do I luff that RPF/RPS is so *very* out of the closet now?

A whole hell of a lot.


*smooches you*

**greases your wheels**
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