Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

it's a puzzlement

How much do I luff this icon? Lots. and Lots. No, I can't explain it. I really wish that someone would write Angelus/Alucard. Just for me.


and Hi! Thought I'd better post, just to reassure myself that I really am here and not just a figment of my own imagination. I'm wearing my new prescription reading glasses and WOW! Everything is so clear and bright and rightinmyface ... and I'm dizzy. Heh. This will take some getting used to, you know? This aging thing.

The kids and I saw The Dark Knight Monday afternoon. It was excellent, despite the fact that Michael Keaton will always and forever be Batman. Always. And Forever. Amen. Well worth the time and money and the putting up with people bringing their SIXMONTHOLDBABIES into the theater. And the brainless teenager that sat in front of me and kept opening her cell phone every five minutes. Every fucking five minutes. Lori was astonished by my sudden show of self control. In that I didn't reach over the back of the seat, rip the cell phone from her painted nails and throw it as far as I could in the full, dark theater.


See? I can be nice.

And to balance that out, today I was seized by the terrific need to write Heath/Jake RPS. Very detailed, very angsty, very painful and yeah, like that kinda fic. My favorite. We'll see.

Is anyone else watching The Cleaner on A&E? I watched the first ep on the A&E website yesterday and besides being one of the omg!slashiest pilots that I've ever seen ... it made me cry. Real tears. So I had to stay up and watch the second ep on TV last night. *swoons* Benjamin Bratt is never hard to look at. Never. And he's getting better with age, imo. Please tell me that I'm not alone here.

Lori is out of school and has applied for her own insurance through the company. Lisa will be 19 next week and will be dropped off my insurance. This pisses me off. It doesn't lower my payment to cover only myself and Jeff and yet, simply because Lisa is 19 and not a full time student she is not eligible for coverage anymore? WTF? What sense does that make? If it's okay with *me*, the person that is PAYING FOR IT, then why can't she just stay under my coverage? I will never, ever understand the whys and whats and hows and gimmeallyourmonies of insurance.

But if I was shacked up with some guy, not married and said that I wanted him under my insurance coverage, that would be okay. Because Committed Partnerships are allowed. But not adult children that are significantly more important than bopping some boy and doing his laundry ...


And I has more pictures of our vacation to share!! This time, with actual people in them! Whooot!

Me, Lori and Lisa at the Royal Gorge Entrance


Lori and Lisa

Me and Lori

Lori and Lisa at the Black Canyon

Hee! Butts! at the Black Canyon

Lori, Black Canyon. Yis. I have good genes. Thank you. :)

Cactus flower. Isn't it just so incredibly delicate? *is in luff*

My favorite. Such color!

Zebra and brand new baby at the Denver Zoo. It was the baby's first day out!

Peacock family at the Denver Zoo.

American flag on Grand Mesa.

Escaped cattle. You should have seen the cowboys chasing them. Seriously. You really should have been there.


*twirls you*
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