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I is in Pueblo, Colorado. A little bit sunburnt and a lot full from eating at the sinfulness that is Golden Corral Buffet (eat until you have to be rolled out of the door). And very, very tired.

So far, vacation has been wunnerful. Simply, incredibly wonderful. And I have twenty gazillion pictures to upload and spam everyone with after we get home. Mountains and wildflowers, canyons and horseback riding! And we went to a drive~in last night in Delta! It was so, so, so fun. When the movies weren't entertaining enough, the stars and constellations above us were. Falling stars ... *swoons*

Today was driving from my parent's house in Delta to the Great Sand Dunes Nat'l Monument. We walked on the sand and splashed in the creek and then drove until we could find a place that didn't look too ... freaktastic to stay. Of course, we've ended up in a Motel 6, surrounded by bikers. I'm not sure this is not a skanky freaky place. But we're all too dazed to care.


Tomorrow is Canon City, the Royal Gorge and splurging on either the Doubletree or Embassy suites for our last night on the road. I'm voting for the Doubletree. It's got a *four* level swimming pool with waterfalls.

I miss everyone! And look forward to catching up with your lives and your porn this weekend. in my home again. in my own bed.

*luffs hard*

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