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I have spent my off hours lately hitting that 'random journal' button. Over and over and over. And what have I learned? Well, first off ~

I learned that I can't read Russian. Or Chinese. Or Spanish. But pictures are always nice. :)

I learned that journals with headers are not all that common. And journals with pretty icons are really kinda rare.

I learned that OMGILOVEMYFLISTHARD. Dude. There are some truly fucked up people out there. It's scary. And really quite amazing to think that out of all the places on the world wide web, we've come here and out of all the journals ... we've found each other. And that we all, for the most part, get along. Sure, we may bicker or have lively discussions, we may be snubbed or we might do a cut that leaves others wondering wtf??!

But even then ... we are all part of something, you know? Whether it's the jossverse that brought us together, or supernatural or teh!pretty Behr or *waves to Lizzie* perving over Hugh freakin' Jackman ... even if I'm not on your flist or you're reading from someone else's flist ~ we are a community. And I appreciate you. I care about you. I enjoy reading your fic and your most personal, most funny, most deep thoughts and seeing pics of your family, your dog, your underwear drawer trip to places I'll never see in person.

*smooches you all*

And how odd of a feeling is it that someone else might be hitting that 'random journal' button and find mine? I don't leave a lot other than fic unlocked ... makes me wonder what impression this place leaves behind. *ponders*

As we're under a severe thunderstorm warning and it's pouring down outside, I leave you with this bit of customer stupidity that happened to my friend in the deli today ...

Customer ~ holding up a container of cold~packed chicken ~ 'Can I heat this up at home?'

Kim in the deli ~ biting her tongue hard, considering for two seconds to answer ~ 'No! If you buy it cold, you have to eat it cold!!! If you heat it up, we'll KNOW and you'll be in big trouble!!!!'

But of course, she did not say that. Although we laughed about it on our smoke~break. Oh my yes, we did.

*twirls you*
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