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No one spends an entire evening (when they have to be up at omg!o!clock so they can get to work at 3am!!!) wandering around google, checking for new pictures of Jason Behr.

No one does that, right?

ha! This is teh!behr saying ... You *are* Fat!Pam, aren't you?

and this is him, after I've slipped him a roofie given him a massage.

And yes, this is teh!Behr looking at me and laughing at my obsession.

Bones last night? I have no words. I only wish that I looked as forward to each episode as I do Supernatural.


I wish that the writers would stop giving in to the pre!teen lust and write a good show. I am I the only one besides tabaqui that has seen the true partnership of Stabler and Bensen? You know, a man and a woman can just be friends. Really. It is possible.

Although bad writing and really bad producing is not going to make me stop watching the show. Dude, I have *all* of his movies. Even 'The Hard Easy' which I still haven't been able to watch all of ...

Heh. Now I really, really need to get some sleep. Right after I stop checking for torrents for 'Senseless' and 'Frost'. Really.


*la la*
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