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Happy Mother's Day!

to all the mommies on my flist.

I've had an um, interesting day. Not bad, just bizarre. I think all the customer's bio~rhythms were off the charts today. Lori was working customer service and had some guy come in and throw two loaves of bread at her, saying that they were moldy.

Okay... whether the bread was or not? In what universe is that appropriate behavior? Seriously.

And I had an older man come by the bakery around 11:30. One of my employees was dealing with him and called me over. So I asked 'What can I help you with?'

He wants a cake for Monday morning, I tell him that after 8am is the best I can do. Our stock answer is 'all cake orders require a 24 hour notice'. Well, that's not good enough. He wants one to pick up at 6am. Oooookay, fine. I know that I'll be there in the morning and since he's being such an asswipe about it, rather than fight with him, I agree and run around to the back of the cake case to grab an order form while he's bitching about how he came by last Sunday afternoon to order a cake for Monday morning and was told that he couldn't, that he needed 24 hours notice.

Did he think that the rules changed between last Sunday and this Sunday?

Whatever. I grab the order form and, since the pissier people get, the more dripping with sweet charm I become ... told him that 'I would be happy to make sure that his special cake would be done by 6am tomorrow morning, even if it means that I have to come in early...' (yiiiis, I learned all the passive/aggressive behavior I'll ever need to know from my own mother.)

Instead of giving me his order, though, he asks if I will still have this selection of cakes in my cake case (which I had just filled) come Monday morning. Um .... prolly not, Mr Special Man. I mean, the point of me filling up the cake case with a variety of cakes on Sunday morning is that they will be GONE come Monday morning, you know? So I can do it again.

I ask if he'd like to pick one out now and I'll hold it for him/decorate it for him/write on it for him and it will be kept in our cooler for him to pick up Monday at 6am. And he THROWS up his hands and says 'FORGET IT!!!', turns and walks out of the store.

Leaving me standing there, holding an order form and wondering WTF? How could I have offered anything MORE? Jayzus!!!


But when I got home at noon, I found the dishes done, the house (including my bedroom) vacuumed. My lawn mowed and my dogs walked. I had crackers with garlic spread and sharp cheese, some wine and a lovely, long nap. And I know that my vacation is coming up in two weeks. So HA! stupid mean bitchy confusing customers! Take that!


*twirls you*
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