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How much luff for last night's Supernatural?


And only one more for this season ... asdfha;sdj!!omgwtfbbq!!!111! What are we going to do all summer?!!?

What would happen if the doctor needed to replace his brain? Or would he never have to do that? And why not?

Dude, this website is eating up all my time off.

From (the customer is) Not Always Right ~

Church | Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

(It is Ash Wednesday and we have kids from next door come over for Mass in the morning. I’m serving as a communion minister as the kids start to come up. One little guy came up right away and just stood there with his hands at his sides looking at me.)

Me: “Do you take communion yet?”

Him: “Do those have peanuts?”

Me: “?”

Him: “‘Cause I can’t have peanuts.”

Me: “No peanuts here, but have you had communion yet?”

Him: “I don’t think I should, just in case there’s peanuts. I can’t have any.”

Me: “How about we just give you a blessing then?” *I make the sign of a cross on his forehead and give him a blessing*

Him: “Thanks, maybe next time there won’t be any peanuts. I can’t have those.”

Me: *wonders if we should make up a “Jesus - Now Peanut Free!” sign, just in case* ;o)


Sandwich Shop/Rhode Island USA

(The phone rings at around 6-ish.)

Me: “Hello, this is D-…”

(I hear loud crying in the background.)

Man: “Hello, Disney World? I’m just calling to say that if my children don’t finish their vegetables in the next five minutes, we won’t be visiting you this year.”

Me: “I…er…what?”

Man: *whispering* “Thank you.” *click*

Between this and the m4m LA craigslist? I can't stop refreshing. And perving.

And what is this I hear about Jared having a brother? A taller, even more good~looking brother? Let's be sharing, people. I needs pictures!!

*spins you about*

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