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Help keep my daughter out of jail!!!

*pets Lori*

She's been notified that she'll be 'arrested' on the 27th of March and have to spend time in 'jail' until she and her co~worker/friend Dani have raised their goal for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

and she has begged me to post this on my journal and ask for help from You! So while I'm asking for your spare change and bothering up your flist page ... I will write a drabble, the pairing of your choice for anyone who donates to keep my oldest out of the horrors of 'jail'.

Too bad the arrest is not for a sex crime. I would steal pay big money to be, um, interviewed by Elliot Stabler.


and omg. I had tues/weds off this week and we'd endured two weeks of drunken Irish music leading up to St Patrick's Day. I'm really quite sure that there is very, very good Irish music out there. Somewhere. But unfortunately, all Kroger chose to play was Oh Danny Boy and stuff that made me feel, while I was decorating cakes and baking bread, that I was in third class steerage of the Titanic and where the hell was Leonardo DiCaprio? And why wasn't he dancing with me?

So, St Patrick's day is over and I go back to work this morning looking forward to our overhead music being back to normal.

Wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Let me preface this by saying that of course, around most holidays stores play appropriate music. In between their normal fare. Oh, but now? Now we are listening to 100% Christian Inspirational Music. 100%. Nothing else. omgwtfbbq Kroger!!!!

I have not heard the word Jesus sung so many times in the 8 1/2 hours I was at work today since I was a teenager and took a very short-lived job in a Christian Bookstore in a mall. (where I always got in trouble for changing the radio station.)


Now the debate is whether the god!music is going to last until Good Friday or until Easter. And how often we'll all come home with the burning need to listen to Nine Inch Nails and Tool at VERY LOUD VOLUME.

So please, take pity on me. Go give Lori your spare change and keep her out of jail. And! let me write a drabble for you in return. Something naughty and, quite possibly, full of church!kink. Since I'm being indoctrinated into Christianity this weekend.


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