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Buffy Season Three. . .Oops!

Okay. So I am an idiot. I accept that.

But, hey, I have fun while being stupid. Who could ask for more?

(that was a joke, by the way. We all know I'm the queen of mean)

Took my eldest shopping for her Royalty Dress, not my fave thing to do, but I coped.

Then on the way home, I stop at the EvalWal~Mart to get some more hair dye and I think, Hey, I heard on LJ that some WalMarts have Angel Season Three out early. . .so I'll go look.

So I did. And picked up a box that had a HUGE don't~steal~me thing on it. Around which I could see nice pics of Angel on one side and Faith on the other! Yay! Angel Season Three!

So I grab it and run to the register!


Drive home.

Unpack bags.

Then I *look* at it.

Buffy Season Three.

I'm deflated. But. . . . Please, someone tell me before I take it back. Is there a reason that I should keep it? Was this a good season? I do like Buffy. But I've never been obsessed with her show, like I am with Angel. So I don't know what's on this collection. And I can't open it if I'm going to take it back!!!

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